Industry Experience

Electronics / Communication Infrastructure

Since its establishment in 1950, we have been manufacturing machine parts for the electrical and communications industry. With origins in mass production of screws and hexagonal spacers, we do prototype to mass production of small-diameter, high-precision, complex-shaped parts such as specialized connectors, semiconductor-related, and high-frequency-related parts.

Industrial Equipment / Energy

We supply to makers of various industrial equipments, such as machine tools, fabrication lines including food, pharmaceuticals and containers. Energy equipment involves shafts, special fasteners, hydraulic connections, and nozzles. We have technology for mass production of parts made from heat and corrosion resistant alloys.


We produce various aircraft parts used in engines and cabin equipment. Upon starting in this field, we acquired JIS Q 9100 in 2010 and supplier certification from engine maker in 2014. We provide long-term integral supply with strict traceability required in this industry.


Our flight heritage constantly grows through supplying machined parts for small satellites and other successful space flight projects. We are confident of manufacturing precise parts with quick delivery, ready to supply the emerging world of constallations of small satellites. Cost cuts and expedited delivery can be realized through our feedback proposals directly to our customer’s mechanical engineers.

Mechanical Watch

We supply globally to watch makers ever since working on a cooperative project with Japan’s renowned Asaoka Hajime and tool maker OSG. Small lot production is available for a wide variety of parts including gears, screws, crowns, needles and cases.

Medical Equipment

Our production for medical equipment includes finely shaped endoscope parts with strict geometric constraints, dental tools, spinal implants and surgical tools. For spinal implants, we were involved from the development phase, from repeated prototyping mechanical design and testing phases to final mass production.