Customized Manufacturing

Precision parts supplied according to customer’s needs.

To satisfy customer needing precision parts with a wide variety of purposes, we will make optimized proposals for manufacture according to the demands of the customer.
To realize each customer’s product, we will closely communicate with customers in order to resolve technical matters such as difficult to process shapes or materials and compliance with overseas standards.


Comprehend as much as possible the end-user purpose of the part, to contribute to the part’s reliability in the market.

Optimize machining processes, balancing delivery, cost, and precision.

Communicate in a prompt, attentive way to expedite the whole process from start to delivery.

For customers looking for machining services :

With Drawings

Please send us your drawings by mail.

Without Drawings

We can do mechanical drawing, for a separate fee. Please send us specs for your desired part.

Depending on the processes required, we may work with our partners to propose a solution.

If possible, please include the information as below for better communications.


Heat treatment, tempering codes, manufacture constraints, if any. Mill certificates available upon request.


From prototype to mass production, quotes for ranges of quantity available upon request.


Tolerances for dimensions, geometry and fit if applicable.


Heat treatment and surface treatment can be arranged.

QC Requirements

QC according to requested standards, where applicable. [ Certifications ]

Please include any other information as needed, such as target price and, or delivery.