Environmental Policy

YUKI Precision positions the future of the earth as an important goal to be permanently rich in nature and to be with humankind. To that end, we hereby declare that we will continue to make efforts to reduce the consumption of limited global resources, protect and nurture nature, and reduce various environmental burdens.


We aim to prevent global warming by aiming for zero greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2.

We will practice corporate activities based on 5R[ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repair ].

We purchase only the required amount when needed, and make purchasing efforts that do not cause waste.

For industrial waste, which is indispensable for production activities, we will make efforts to create an environment that can be recycled and reused within our company, and reduce the amount of industrial waste that goes out of the company.

We will provide environmental education to employees to understand their efforts and raise their awareness of the natural environment.