Corporate Values


YUKI Precision’s mission is “Making the world happy through the power of manufacturing.”.
We purse progress in precision machining, engineering design, and related services
for the prosperity of end-users, for customer satisfaction, and for our employees to shine.
“YUKI STYLE” defines everything from mission formulation to action guidelines,
and connects our manufacturing values to society.


Making the world happy through the power of manufacturing.

Solving problems of the world with wisdom of engineering
and manufacturing technology,
for a brighter future filled with smiles.


Creation of Happiness

The value denominator of YUKI Precision is happiness.
YUKI Precision strives to provide happiness for society through products,
happiness for customers, and happiness for employees.

Pursuit of Absolute Values

YUKI Precision will discern the essence of things
in order to seek absolute values in manufacturing regardless
of time or setting.

Challenge and Evolution

Taking on new challenges,
YUKI Precision will sustain competitiveness through evolution.
Progress will be attained by confronting issues without resigning to the present.


Competency to stably supply precision parts
with the world’s highest quality control standards.

Skill to design and develop machines to be operated
in extremely harsh environments.

Ability to induce diverse expertise and create new markets.