Message From Our CEO

I have very little memory of the founder, my grandfather, only a faint image of him leading my hand to go to a nearby poultry farm to buy eggs. At the age of three, I was running around my grandfather’s funeral hall on a tricycle with a younger sister.

My father had no choice after graduation from university to return home, helping his grandfather who had been hospitalized since then. As a newborn I slept comfortably bundled on my working mother’s back amongst the sound machinery and the smell of machine oil. Growing up, my fondness for cars grew into interest in machinery, and later to a degree in mechanical engineering.

It was through involvement on a project in my previous employment that made me aware of managing a small manufacturing enterprise. I suddenly became mindful of YUKI, a place so close and so familiar, yet I knew nothing really about .

I joined my father at YUKI Precision in 2006 and tackled various pressing issues the company faced. “The walls are not for turning back, but for climbing over.” I looked for the ideal form of a small manufacturing industry, drew dreams, and always moved forward.

Entering the aerospace industry, establishment of the engineering department, and starting a French subsidiary, progress was achieved one by one. Starting from vague dreams of “I want to be like this”, raising my antenna so as not to miss however a small chance, the visions became a reality step by step through specific measures.

Every day we continue our challenges in the wonderful world of manufacturing, feeling the joy our creations lead to smiles on many people.

“Making the world happy through the power of manufacturing.”

CEOMasato Otsubo

  • 1975  Born in Chigasaki, Kanagawa
  • 2000  Completed Masters Degree in Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
  • 2000  Joined INCS Inc.[Currently, SOLIZE Corporation]
  • 2006  Joined YUKI Precision Co., Ltd. As Managing Director
  • 2013  Assumed YUKI Precision Co., Ltd. CEO
  • 2017  Assumed YUKI Holdings Inc. CEO


  • 2005  METI Minister Award, First Monodukuri Japan Awards
  • 2010  Published "Precision Machining Ready to Use" Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
  • 2012  Outstanding Performance Award, METI IT Business Awards.
  • 2014  METI Minister Award, Ganbaru-300 SME Awards.