R&D Machining Shop

Honeycomb Structure Φ12 Inconel 600 Bar Material

YUKI Precision has over a half-century of experience in precision machining. With the integration of experience and innovation, we will solve any challenge for machine part production. We think of ourselves as a R&D machine shop, implementing a research and development approach for your production needs.

The sample above is a honeycomb structure of Inconel 600 bar material made on a precision CNC machine. The resulting cell structure is only 0.008”/0.2mm thick at the thinnest point. The rigidity of the work piece declines as the material is cut, thus requiring special cutters and cutting conditions, precision control and calibration of the CNC machine with sophisticated programming.

We offer expertise in such complex and precise machining of stainless steels, titanium and other difficult to machine materials, providing precision components for various applications including the aerospace and medical industry.

Medical Equipment

YUKI Precision is involved in the medical industry through the production of parts for instruments such as endoscope, ultrasonography equipment and dental tools. An example of our capability can be found in parts fabricated for endoscope optics which require micron tolerances in minute structures to ensure optical precision.

Aerospace Components

YUKI Precision machined parts are used in civilian aircraft in operation throughout the world, including some exclusive supply parts. We also provide engineering solutions i.e. machinist’s view to assist in optimal design. Cooperative production examples include testing equipment for satellite propulsion and satellite frame body construction.


YUKI Precision is JIS Q 9100/ISO9001 certified to meet strict manufacturing process controls required for production of aerospace parts.
Meeting dimensions on a design sheet is only a part of the process. Traceability is as important as the part itself. It includes who, what, when and where how the part is made, mill sheets for each material used as well as how the part was measured for qualification. We have details such as when our measuring instruments were last calibrated.

Compared to automotive components where a production lot might be in units of ten thousands, parts for specialized medical equipment and aviation are limited to a much smaller lot orders, as low as just a hundred in a year. While mass production may merit from specialized equipment and optimal material procurement to lower production costs, competitiveness in small lot production calls for creative and versatile usage of available equipment to realize short setup times.

Our compact operation with the right equipment manned by motivated staff enables us to produce competitive small lot quantities and meet strict quality controls without high overhead costs. We take pride in making possible where others find impossible. Please feel free to consult us on anything concerning machined manufacture.

A typical machine shop may seem far from the space industry, but our shop-floor engineering experience can help reach space.


We have expertise in titanium alloy and stainless steel machining for competitive production. From aluminum, plastics to nickel-based superalloys, we can machine many types of materials. Materials are handled with complete traceability. Our procurement are to exact ASTM and JIS specifications with mill certificates.

Japan Quality

We are aware some requirements demands very special machining even beyond our limits. But we won’t just turn down an offer, we will analyze the requirements, consult and work out a solution based on our skills.
We have may cooperative relationships with machine shops all around Japan which are each the best in specialized machining abilities. We always strive to be the one-stop machining shop solution to bring the very best Japan Quality “monodzukuri”, or the way of the Japanese craftsmanship.

R & D

Our creativity is our product. Our R & D team is about engineering design work utilizing machining skills as well as knowledge in various scientific and engineering fields. In this way we have assisted various research institutions including JAXA researches in aviation and space.
A typical R & D project may start out as a simple penciled sketch. From there our engineers will build upon exchanges of communications to work a design for the part, jig or device needed for our customer’s project. Customers need only to supply the key components/specialty in their field while we provide consultation on the mechanics such as tolerances, and materials needed for the experiment to take shape. From sales to engineering design to the actual production, our exclusive engineer team operates compact and fast.

Your Guide


Masato Otsubo

Born 1975, graduate of Tokyo Univ., Department of Engineering Synthesis. Pursuits 3D CAD/CAM and mold tooling technology at Incs Inc. and is awarded The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Prize of the First Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Prize Awards. Currently Managing Director at Yuki Precision.

Company Overview

YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.
Masato Otsubo
370 Enzo, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, 253-0084 JAPAN
July, 1961
Precision machined parts made from various materials, including heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys for use in aviation, space, defence related equipment and semiconductor, electric, and electronic equipment.
Anritsu Corporation, HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD.,
Continental Automotive Corporation, YOSHIMURA JAPAN CO., LTD.,
Sumitomo Heavy Industries., Ltd., Komatsu Ltd.,
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Yamatake Corporation,
and 100 other companies


Overseas Hubs


YUKI Précision SAS
Masato Otsubo
Immeuble New Deal 2c 24 Rue Salomon Reinach 69007 Lyon FRANCE
+33 (0)6 32 15 53 48
May, 2015
Precision part manufacture (aerospace, medical, electronics, mechanical watch components.)Import and export of precision components and materials. Consultation of European expansion.

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